Don't Miss Out: Why Hiring Managers Should Consider Individuals in Active Recovery

Don't Miss Out: Why Hiring Managers Should Consider Individuals in Active Recovery

Don't Miss Out: Why Hiring Managers Should Consider Individuals in Active Recovery

Nov 2, 2023

Here are 19 fantastic reasons why hiring someone in active recovery from addiction could be a great idea for your organization.

Inspires your Talent

Those in recovery have shown incredible bravery in overcoming adversity, making them a true inspiration for your entire team.

Resilience and Determination

Individuals in active recovery display unwavering determination. Their ability to conquer addiction showcases remarkable resilience, which is invaluable in handling professional challenges.

Exemplifies Loyalty

They view a job as a second chance, valuing it highly and contributing to their long-term commitment to your organization.

Helps Remove Stigmas

Their determination to disprove the stigma surrounding addiction can lead to a stronger, more inclusive work environment.

Provides Family Betterment

Your employees who are supporting loved ones on their recovery journey will benefit from a supportive work atmosphere.

Improves Communications

Through group-centered addiction treatment programs, they develop strong communication skills that enhance both virtual and face-to-face interactions.

Exemplifies Acceptance

Their commitment to self-reflection and self-improvement sets a positive example for all employees.

Purpose from Aim

Providing them with a job that gives them a clear goal empowers them and contributes to their success both at work and in their personal lives.

Improves Peer Situations

Their insights into recovery may enable them to informally mentor coworkers who might be struggling, preventing potential problems in your workplace.

Operation SUCCESS

Their need to succeed in order to maintain their sobriety aligns with your company's success.

Time Well Spent

They understand the value of productivity and actively seek to avoid boredom, benefitting everyone in the workplace.

Entry Level Friendly

They are open to taking on roles that may not fully match their qualifications, providing your organization with overqualified and dedicated employees.

Showcasing Organizational Progressiveness

Your company can be a positive force for change by offering individuals a second chance and sharing your progressive values with others.

Talent Retention

Demonstrates to current talent that your company is supportive and fosters a culture that encourages them to stay and grow.

Talent Branding

Conveys to potential new hires what your company stands for and values.

Community Optics

Hiring those in recovery showcases your commitment to improving the community and enhances your company's reputation.

Showcases Equity

Taking action in employment equity demonstrates your commitment to diversity and inclusion, opening doors for your organization.

Financial Benefit Tax Credits

Government programs like WOTC can reward employers for hiring individuals in recovery, offering financial benefits.

Emotional Intelligence

The journey of active recovery often involves intensive self-reflection and therapy, resulting in higher emotional intelligence that can positively influence the workplace.

In conclusion, hiring someone in active recovery isn't just a kind gesture; it's a smart move for your organization. It brings in reliable, accountable, and hardworking individuals with a fresh perspective and a strong sense of community. By doing so, you're not only giving a deserving person a second chance but also tapping into a wealth of skills and attributes that can help your business thrive. Pretty cool, right?

Written by David Page; edited w/ChatGPT